Online Casino Bonus Offers

The prime focus of this page is to discuss online casino bonus offers and their different kinds. To begin with, these offers of free cash are given by a casino to reward its players for choosing them.

The purpose behind is to encourage the amblers to get involved with their site and use the casino bonus for gambling.There are a variety of latest casino bonuses and each of these has its own advantages and conditions. We have put together here some of the major casino bonuses so that our readers can have a clear understanding about them.

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Let us take a look at the common online casino bonus offers below:

Welcome Bonus
One of the most common bonuses, these casino bonus codes are offered to the new players. These are also known as the sign up bonus. Generally, at most casinos, one gets the offer of $100. It is suggested that one takes a good look at these offers before logging on to a casino. You will find casinos offering this bonus in a lump sum while some may break up the sum and give in small amount as increments per month.

No Deposit Bonus
These bonus offers do not require the players to deposit any amount to start gambling at the casino. The no deposit amount is deposited in the opening account of a new player as a kind of incentive to start playing the casino games there. Typically, this bonus amount is equal to ten dollars.

Preferred Deposit Bonus
Another bonus the players get is when they use the casino’s favored method of payment to deposit money. You will find most casinos having a preferred choice of getting payments in one form rather than another. Hence, they may offer 5% to 15% of preferred deposit bonus which gets added to the players account once he used that particular mode of payment.

Reload Bonus
This casino bonus is offered in the register players and is given once the players keep reloading their account. The idea is to motivate the players to turn regular with the casinos. In a way, it is quite similar to a welcome bonus.

We hope that you found the above info regarding casino bonuses online both useful as well as informative.

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