Information on Winning the King Cashalot Jackpot

If you are after the romance and adventure of the middle ages, complete with armored knights and damsels in distress, than look no further than the online slot game King Cashalot. Boasting superior graphics and sound, lots of action, and featuring the coveted King Cashalot jackpot, this game has everything a player wants in a slot game.

A beautiful array of symbols from the age of knights and kings span the 5 reels of the game.  And with 9 separate payouts, there is a a lot of action on every spin. The massive amount of wild symbols and scatter pays makes it seem that nearly every spin generates a winning combination.

To add to the fun, the game has a feature where after every win, you can take a nail-biting chance at doubling your win, or losing everything.

The biggest draw by far is the online casino King Cashalot jackpot, a progressive world-wide jackpot that could win you millions!  The slot series that King Cashalot is a part of has already seen over $250 million in winnings, with dozens of new millionaires making their fortune. The jackpot grows every second, and there is always a chance to win the huge jackpot King Cashalot.

This game is perfect for both the serious player, and the casual online video slot gamer. The characters, sound, and graphics will keep everyone amused, while the large amount of small payouts are great motivation to keep playing for the King Cashalot jackpot.

For those wishing to return to the days of yore, this is the perfect game. Defeat the dragon, and win the treasure!

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